Major non nutritional factor affecting pregnancy

Major non nutritional factor affecting pregnancy

major non-nutritional factor affecting pregnancy

non nutritional factors of pregnancy
non nutritional factors of pregnancy

Major non-nutritional factor affecting pregnancy, Pregnancy is a special physiological condition in a woman life where several changes are noted in a woman life. At this stage the body becomes more susceptible to various diseases that cause serious harm to both the mother and the child so, it is very important to maintain proper care to often a healthy baby. Mainly nutrition plays the most important function in positive outcome of pregnancy. But some non-nutritional factors should also be kept into mind to lower the chance of miscarries of absorption. The major non-nutritional factor affecting pregnancy is so important in case of often a healthy baby.

Socioeconomic factor:-

It means the social and economic status of mother of the mother from where she belongs. It is easy to perches all the essential nutritious food by a high socioeconomic mother. But at the same time, it is not possible for low socioeconomic mother to perches expensive foodstuff or other equipment needed at the time of pregnancy.

Environmental Influence:-

Environment, where the mother lives is an important factor. The outer environment should be kept clean to stop the breeding many harmful insects mosquito and flies are the major causes of various food water born disease. So, to prevent the mother from this disease. This infectant should be spread daily to keep the surrounding free from pathogens.

Proper Medication:-

Major non-nutritional factor affecting pregnancy is proper medication. If any complications present in the mother, she should take proper medicine to get cure from that disease. If she does not to that the complication during pregnancy and Sevier problem will keep free from all disease.

General Awareness in Concerned with Sanitation:-

Poor health education of the mother leads to poor health maintains when she needs in proper sanitation. The mother who is unknown about the ill effects of bad personal hygiene can be a victim of many communicable diseases.

So, improper health maintains leads to a poor health condition and complication during pregnancy is increased.

Abuse of Alcohol:-

The mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy can face the disease called ‘Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).In this disease the fetus became toxicity and miscarriage can happen with higher chances of maternal death.

Support of the Family:-

If the family and its members became unfavorable to the mother and the mother than the mother cannot carry out her pregnancy up to an optimum level. If she has to performed heavy work or laborious job then miscarriage can be happen were serious health damage can be occurred to the mother.

So, the family member should support the expectant mother to bear a good and disease less child.


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