How to get relief from Constipation

How to get relief from Constipation

How to get relief from Constipation

How to get relief from Constipation

Constipation is the problem which affects your quality of life. The main causes of constipation are your faulty lifestyle and diet. Sometimes constipation can occur during pregnancy, intake of a different kind of drugs etc.

It can be managed by controlling your lifestyle and diet.

Fiber intake increases the bulk. Because it absorbs more water and increases the pressure on the stools. Transfer water to the stool and finally stool become soften. That’s why stool passes easily without any trouble.

  • Increase water intake:

Dehydration also makes stool harder. there is also a way to take more water intake to smoothen the stool that will help for relief from constipation.

  • Do regular exercise:


How to get relief from Constipation
How to get relief from Constipation

Exercise can prevent your constipation. It is found that regular exercise improves the gut motility which provides fast relief from constipation

  • Drink Caffeinated coffee:

How to get relief from Constipation

Caffeinated coffee stimulates the gut muscle and increases the urge to go to the bathroom. According to study caffeinated coffee provides 60 % fast constipation relief than water and 23% more than decaffeinated coffee.

  • Eat Prunes to get relief from Constipation:

A fruit name Prunes, which helps to get relief from constipation. Eat Prunes or Prunes juice which contain sorbitol which is a laxative. It helps in getting fast relief from constipation.

  • Use of Magnesium Citrate:

Magnesium Citrate is an osmotic laxative. Magnesium Citrate is used as a home remedy. It is available over the counter. It should not be used in the higher dose(It will be better if you consume Magnesium Citrate as per your doctor recommendation).

  • Low Fodmap Diet to get relief from Constipation:

Low FODMAP diet is good for the people having constipation and IBS. It provides the improvement in both the cases.

  • Prescription Laxative:

There is the laxative medicine that doctors prescribed to patients to need it- 1. Bulk Agent, 2. Stool Softener, 3. Stimulative Laxative, 4. Osmotic Laxative. Regular Journey:

  • Regular Journey

Regular Bus/Train journey can cause constipation. If you avoid regular journey it can be helpful for you.

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