Are you troubling with cough? Home remedies are here

It is an amazing thing that onion can prevent your cough with one day. Onion is very useful in cold or snivel. Using the onion you get a good effect or result in cold or snivel. If you eat raw onion give you a great result.

According to some researcher, onion is composed of Sulphur and flavonoids element or component. This component prevents the serious heart disease and very efficacious for gout. Besides these are controlling diabetes and cholesterol level. Onion is also effective for preventing the various disease.

To prevent Snivel, process of onion intake are below-


  1. Onion:- one kilogram
  2. Water:- three liter


  1. Onion cut into 4 pieces
  2. Take a pot
  3. Take 3 lit water in this pot
  4. Add onion with water
  5. Hit until water became half
  6. After cooling add honey and lemon juice for test

Tips for uses:

  • You can drink 3times in a day.


Another way to use:


  1. Two pieces apple
  2. Two pieces big Onion
  3. 14 pieces nuts
  4. Water- 2 lit.



  1. Onion cut into 4 pieces
  2. Apple cut into 4 pieces
  3. Take a pot and mixed all ingredient
  4. Provide hit until water level became half
  5. Add honey and lemon juice little bit for better test


Tips for uses:

  • You can drink 3 times in a day

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