High Calorie Diet or Dietary management of Underweight

High Calorie Diet or Dietary management of Underweight

High-Calorie Diet or Dietary management of Underweight

High-Calorie Diet:-

This is a normal diet supplemented with high-calorie foods so, that the bulk weight of diet is not much increased. It can be used for fevers, after prolonged illness, Leanness and hypertension.


The following food should be avoided if the patient is convalescing or having fevers.

Fried food

Dry fruits and nuts

Sample Diet:

This diet provides

Calorie – 2700

Proteins – 80 gm

Fat – 70 gm

dietary management of Underweight
dietary management of Underweight


Dietary management:

A high calorie, high protein, high-fat diet with liberal vitamin intake is recommended. A balanced diet should be planned based on the requirements.


The calorie requirement varies depending upon the activities. For increasing weight, the total calorie intake should be in excess of the energy requirements. An additional 500kcal/day is required


1.2 gm/kg is required for building. Good quality protein is completely utilized by the body and as far as possible best protein sources must be liberally included in the initial stage.


Easily digestible fat are to be included. Fried and fatty foods are not recommended as they may Cause diarrhea. High-calorie fatty foods such as cream, butter margarine, and oils help to increase the weight.


High carbohydrate sources must on the basis of the diet. Leafy vegetable is restricted and preference to be potato and yam. Dried foods sweets nuts deserts jam, jelly cereal product and non-vegetarian foods are rich source of energy can be liberally included in the diet. Porridge, cutlet, potato-chips, high protein drinks like milk, malted milk, badam-kheer, can be included.

Vitamin and minerals

With a liberal diet, there is no need for extra vitamin and minerals supplements.


Enough fluids must be taken, so as to avoid constipation.

Diet chart for Underweight/

High Calorie Diet or Dietary management of Underweight diet chart

diet chart for underweight
diet chart for underweight

Menu planning for Underweight

Tea Time: 1cup tea

Breakfast: 1 egg/ 1 cheese sandwich + 1 glass milk + 1 orange

Lunch: ½ cup rice + 2 chapaties + 1 cup dhal + 1cup peas/rajma curry + 1 cup leafy veg curry + 1cup curd + 1cup butter milk.

Mid noon: 1 banana

After noon: 1cup tea + muri.

Let evening: 1cup tomato cream soup

Dinner ½ cup rice + 2 chappaties + 1cup veg. + potato curry + ½ cup pulse

Bed time: 1 glass eggnog.

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