Function of Calcium

Function of Calcium in our Body

Function of Calcium in our Body

Function of Calcium in our Body: Calcium makes up between 1,5 – 2 percent of our body weight accounting for 1200 – 1600 g of the typical adult male body. Almost 99 percent of this calcium is found in the bones and teeth. The 1 percent is distributed in blood and soft tissue.

Function of Calcium in our body

Function of Calcium

Bone Formation

The important minerals within bone are calcium, Phosphate and Magnesium. calcium comprises39.9 percent of the weight of bone minerals.

For the formation of bone, there are five phages

  • Bone reabsorption phase (Osteoclast)
  • Reversal Phase (Osteoblast)
  • Bone formation Phase (Osteoid)
  • Mineralisation Phase
  • Rest Phase (Resting Osteoblast)

The turnover of bone is controlled by the activities of its bone cells, Osteoblast, Osteoclast, and Osteocytes. The osteoblast and Osteoclast appear to act in remodelling units, whose activities are closely coupled by locally acting cell messangers known as cytokines.

Tooth Formation

The enamel and dentin of tooth contain considerable amounts of Calcium. In teeth, the hydroxyapatite is present alongside a protein called keratin in place of the collagen found in bones.


Growth is the one of the main function of calcium. Calcium is obviously required for growth because it forms such an important part of bones and teeth and is also required in much smaller amounts for proper functioning for every cell in the body.

Blood Clotting

When a tissue has been injured by a cut, the enzyme thromboplastin is released from affected cells or blood platelets. thromboplastin catalyses the conversion of the protein prothrombin into thrombin, a process that requires the presence of Calcium ions. So blood clotting is the one of the main Function of Calcium.

Muscle contraction

Calcium is needed for the release of chemicals that transmit a signal from a nerve cell to a target cell.

Calcium helps to stabilize the blood pressure.

Assists the movement of sperm into an egg to fertilize the egg

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