causes of Under weight

Etiological factors of Underweight

Etiological factors of Underweight

Etiological factors Underweight

Underweight developed generally malnutrition or malnourish people. Etiological factors of Underweight are involved So many factors or positive factors in undernutrition as follows-

Wasting Disease

Wasting disease is a main etiological factor for underweight. Long-term wasting disease with chronic infection and fever that raised the BMR.

Poor food Intake

Poor food intake developed undernutrition in a different way such as-

  • Psychological factor that causes a person to refuse to eat.
  • Lose of appetite due to different factors.
  • Personal poverty and limited available food supply.


Malabsorption is another etiological factor of underweight. Poor nutrient absorption by the persons resulting from-

  • Long lasting diarrhea.
  • Disease in the GI tract.
  • Excessive use of the laxative.
  • Less secretion gastro-intestinal enzyme as well as fewer functions of hormone and nervous system.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hyperthyroidism and any other chronic disease lead to undernutrition.

Energy Imbalance

Generally, increase or excessive physical activity imbalance by deficient food intake leads undernutrition.

this can result from the greatly increased physical activity without a corresponding increase in food.


Starvation may occur due to famine condition, or because of self-imposed restriction on diet for fear of obesity or develop a slim figure. During starvation, fatty tissue is lost and the skeletal and heart muscle and small intestine are atrophied. Which result in low blood pressure, lose hair and poor absorptive function.

Overpopulation and lack of birth control method causes population growth that effects on undernutrition


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